Fivesky is addressing IT cloud challenges plaguing enterprises today by helping clients implement security and compliance driven technologies. We enable organizations to transform into a cost-effective and agile business while maintaining a greater competitive advantage.


Cloud Adoption

Is moving to the cloud good for your business? Our cloud program helps you make clear and informed decisions about moving to the cloud.

Cloud Solutioning

Are you faced with a particular challenge and believe that the cloud is the answer? Let Fivesky work with you to determine if the cloud is the best choice.

Migration Planning

You have made the decision to move to the cloud; but how do you get there? The Fivesky program can ensure that your business has a clearly defined path to the cloud.

Current State Analysis

Do you truly know the current state of technology within your organization? Having a clear and present understanding of the current state is critical, and is a foundational component of the Cloud Technology Framework.

Automation Frameworks

Automation is the key in obtaining the real value of a cloud solution. Let Fivesky work with you to identify the best framework or to simply implement an existing solution into your cloud.

Cloud Transformation

How will your applications and processes be affected by a cloud solution? The vast majority of business applications and workflows simply are not cloud ready. The Fivesky program addresses these issues and creates a roadmap for success.

Get a clear picture of your current state with a cloud assessment.

Public cloud environments like AWS, Azure, and Google do not fully support legacy applications. Due to this lack of legacy support, some of your applications will not move to the cloud. It is uncommon for many organizations to know all the inner-workings of their entire application, and infrastructure estate. Without a solid understanding of what these connections are, and how much data travels between those applications, there is little hope for program success.

Looking to develop a cloud strategy?

Do you have the expertise needed to manage your IT infrastructure through its lifecycle? Can you execute the resources to enhance your systems and improve security? Engaging professional services for the installation, configuration, management, and ongoing maintenance of your technology products allows your organization to focus on doing what it does best.

Need help with designing and implementing your cloud strategy?

Enterprise adoption of cloud services has grown exponentially over the past few years. Organizations have been compelled to move their infrastructure and applications to ensure business agility, responsiveness, and cost-efficiency. Moving to the cloud however cannot have a negative impact on the user experience, which includes availability, performance, and security. Modernizing application platforms and data center architectures empowers companies with the ability to support unpredictable business demands, and large scale, geographically diverse projects.

Implement new ways to automate with our cloud optimization program.

Upon the completion of a successful migration to the new cloud environment(s), it is imperative that the business begins to look at ways to optimize and manage the applications, and infrastructure lifecycle. Automation and orchestration is key in mitigating the risk of human error, while also reducing the total cost of ownership and operational costs. Cloud Optimization will ensure that the business is able to benefit from the implementation of a DevOps/CloudOps program.


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