Network and Security Infrastructure. Optimized.

We design, deploy, and maintain advanced technologies that enable our customers to achieve operational excellence at substantial OpEx savings. Our core strengths include a concentration on networks, their security & optimization with a laser focus on redefining the fulfillment experience. We are driven to add value at every step by providing access to inventory, streamlined credit, integration with your procurement organization and real time status information. These are all reflective of our value-added philosophy.


Technology evolves quickly. Today’s businesses demand Next-Gen services and you've got to stay ahead of the curve. Let us help you tackle tomorrow’s challenges today: Virtualization, Cloud Integration and Optimization, Mobility, SDN, BYOD, Big Data and Low Latency Computing. With our alliance partners we are there to keep you apprised of industry trends and technology breakthroughs.

Fivesky Social

We introduce you to renowned technology leaders, security experts and futurists at our premiere events: tech talks, webinars, lunch-and-learns, and executive round-tables. We also facilitate networking opportunities with your peers across multiple industries to learn from their successes and failures. Enroll in the social forum for exclusive invites to our events.

Fivesky Leverage

OUR experts are YOUR experts. Access a network of world-class talent across various industries: financial services, Web2.0, big data, higher education, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution. Let us help you develop the best path to achieve your objectives. Leverage our proof of concept services to tackle your difficult problems with innovative architectures.


We’ve developed a problem free approach to introducing new technologies in your environment. Watch as we “re-create” your environment, using our recommendations and benchmarking the benefits with no risk to your current operations. Our goal is to create 100% confidence through Skylab. Let us create, demonstrate and validate before you ever make a purchase decision.


Resiliency, speed, throughput, security, power usage, heat generation, implementation and operational cost. That’s a lot to consider and we’ve got you covered. It’s our belief that clients should be able to decide between design options, with strengths and weaknesses clearly defined. Optimal means different things to different clients under different conditions. We understand that delivering optimal design takes more than a simple spreadsheet.


Optimize your design with expert implementation. Whether you need a helping hand or prefer to turn the reins completely over to us, we are the trusted partner you need. Be it a routine upgrade or data center refresh, we can scale to meet your needs. Our strategic methodology has proven to create outstanding results. We stay engaged with all the stakeholders throughout the project, deliver complete documentation and knowledge transfer, leading seamlessly into day 2 support. We can help deliver optimal results in 3 ways:

Implementation Services

Get the most out of your technology by leveraging our knowledge and experience. Our project management methodology will ensure success in meeting your timelines and minimizing any strains to your resources and operations. We support your needs throughout the lifecycle of the project (collaboration, planning, deployment, testing, documentation, training and handover).

Metric Based Managed Services

Create order, control your costs and minimize your downtime with a comprehensive Managed Services program custom-designed for your environment. Create a tailored “menu-based” service arrangement for recurring tasks. When it comes to installs, moves, adds, changes and deletes, we offer a variety of SLA’s - from 4 hour to next day - within your spectrum of operations.

Staging Services

Enjoy complete after-sale service. Our ability to streamline the deployment process is a great benefit to our clients. Need to stage, pre-configure, upgrade OS, asset tag or create a remote test and burn-in lab before deployment in your production environment? Our cost effective staging services will help reduce order to deployment time.


Leverage our skilled employees to deliver on time and within budget. If you need to staff up quickly, want to free up in-house resources from daily operational distractions or just reduce costs by offloading non-strategic functions to a trusted solutions provider, let us deliver industry leading talent to your door. Whether you engage our staff for a week or a year, through our online candidate review portal, you can browse talent and select from pre-qualified candidates to best meet your needs.


Technology needs tuning and upkeep. Maintaining seamless operation is always a constant. The overhead significantly increases as your deployments scale, introducing complexity and geographical dispersity. When bottlenecks develop or bugs are discovered – we can fix it. "We’ve got an awesome set of tools".

Support Services

Suffering delays and wait times for replacement hardware or debugging software under standard support models is never acceptable. In alliance with our partners, we offer a superior hybrid managed support model at significant OpEx savings. Eliminate operational barriers with our on-site engineering offering SLAs from same-day, onsite engineering across the United States and Canada.

Remote Monitoring Service

Adopting an Out-of-band Remote Monitoring Strategy (RMS) goes beyond the traditional in-house approach. We use the most advanced set of enterprise adopted tools, which are distributed and fully managed. Beyond traditional fault and alerting functions, we can identify potential problems and replicate customer experience.

Proactive Support Services

The proactive Support Services (PSS) is designed as an annex to RMS, generating a powerful support platform. PSS delivers fault remediation, preventative maintenance, capacity planning, design validation and seamless repair of most operational malfunctions. When combined, RMS and PSS create full operational freedom allowing you to meet highly available SLAs.


Reduce your capital and operational expenditures without sacrificing quality and service. Uniquely positioned to save you significant time and money versus our competitors. Our clients benefit from the close relationships we’ve built with our alliance partners, producing an average reduction in CapEx of 10% and OpEx of 35%.


Forget the fax - it’s old, slow and inefficient. Our Order Management system is dedicated to creating a thoroughly modern, simple and well coordinated approach to keeping clients informed. We take the aggravation, questions and redundancies out by incorporating features such as: simple access to stock availability, committed ship dates, ability to check order status, updates delivered by text or email and more. Our Customer Portal provides complete integration into your procurement process with automated, customizable reporting.


Now is a great time for your CFO to engage us and explore the many options to streamline your operations. We understand that flexible measuring preferences are often a factor in purchase decisions. Whether based on performance metrics, volume, time and materials, or other criteria, our clients enjoy the benefit of having a partner dedicated to respecting their needs. We consistently provide the highest degree of flexibility and foresight when assisting with your purchase decisions.


Access a variety of financing, leasing and payment options. We have a large network of lenders available to help facilitate your next project. Moreover, we can often leverage our close relationships with our partners to create financing synergies for your benefit.


The Fivesky philosophy is rooted in our commitment to excellence. Nowhere is that commitment more clearly manifested than in the relationships we have nurtured with our industry partners. What makes us different is our concentration and commitment to working with the “best of breed” vendors. Our product knowledge, pricing leverage, and client satisfaction are all linked closely to these partnerships. We have complete confidence in the solutions we develop, largely as a result of the constant, high level relationships we share with these industry leaders.

Fivesky is founded on our dedication to creating and maintaining excellence in all our endeavors and our passion doesn't stop with Tech. Before we ever opened our doors, we made sure to have a philosophy that ran deeper than sales and expenses. Instead, we were determined to positively impact everything around us, our Employees, Customers, Partners, Community and the Global Ecosystem we all share. Without a commitment to "across the board excellence", nothing would be worth pursuing.


We are Fivesky, a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals whose DNA is programmed to take great satisfaction in delivering solutions that exceed our clients' expectations. We admire and reward dedication, believing that treating our valued employees with respect pays great dividends in client satisfaction and the growth of our firm. At Fivesky we nurture an environment that attracts technology experts and is designed to challenge and motivate, creating a unified mission throughout our team to provide an outstanding experience for our customers.


Can we provide "perfect" customer service? That's a heck of a question and the answer is a resounding YES. We look at our client relationships as opportunities for continuous improvement and our unceasing goal is perfection. In fact, we incorporate a post-sale review into our internal process as our way of never losing sight of our mission to consistently raise the standard and improve our results. Could we have been more effective, efficient or transparent? We may not be perfect, but we try to get a little closer every day.


Maintaining a close focus with our strategic partners is highly beneficial to our clients. We work hand-in-hand with these industry leaders to understand their development strategies, roadmaps and interoperability so that we can provide the kind of long term comprehensive solutions our clients deserve. Our ability to be ahead of industry trends gives us the edge in successfully recommending, delivering and maintaining the technology you need to be successful.


Sustainability, Vision, Philosophy. We have a commitment to being an environmentally conscious organization, where recycling, reusing and minimizing waste are core values. We strongly believe that together with our clients and peers, we have a responsibility to address issues of Sustainability. That's why when we create a proposal (be it for a single piece of equipment or a complex enterprise solution) we provide recommendations based not only on standard metrics like speed and cost, but also with an eye toward reduced power consumption and other "eco-sensitive" variables.


Social Responsibility is a close cousin of Sustainability. In much the same spirit as we encourage forward thinking in our support of Sustainability, we also recognize the very present needs that exist in our communities every day. We're committed to giving back our time and resources, and have established a matching program for charitable donations made by members of our team. Sharing our success with those in need is a reward unto itself.

We are Fivesky. We stand for excellence [and we'll reward it too!].

Our employees are our greatest asset and the focal point around which we operate. We're always on the lookout for thought leaders - smart, strategic technologists who live and breathe IT Networking and Security.

We believe that technical knowledge itself does not separate the great professional from the rest. At Fivesky, careers are forged by self-directed individuals who demonstrate a natural curiosity and innate interest in technology that extends beyond their day to day work responsibilities.